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Arguments - Costs & Traffic - Network - Sketch of Project and Finance - Technical Specifications - Usage & adaptability

Handouts in Norwegian

- Full brosjyre (print) - Taxi21 prosjektet -

- brukerbeskrivelse - fakta - innpassing og anvendelighet - kostnad og trafikk -

- nettverk - stikkord - Taxibane bedre enn monorail - teknisk logikk -

Powerpoint presentations
In Norwegian: 

Full presentation (19 mb)  Economics (7 mb)  Short presentation (5 mb)



CD presentation with video - April 15th 2004

Poskey (2 mb) - Sept. 25th 2003

Rosinsky (in Oslo) (1,75 mb) - Oct 26th 2002

Older demos

(the cabin design here is outdated as these demos were made before
the completion of the SkyWeb Express prototype April 2003)

economics (0,9 mb) - Nov 7th 2002

medium (16 mb) - Oct 10th 2002

large  (37 mb) - Aug 26th 2002

SporTaxi - The Oslo PRT project
(in Norwegian)

These were made at the time of the former company Norsk Sportaxi a.s. 1999-2000,
and the technical design is quite different from the present SkyWeb Express design.
Nevertheless, some ideas and illustrations may still have value
for the project at Fornebu, Norway.

PRT or mini-metro (4.0 mb)
- Speech given for the conference Sportaxi, bybane eller buss til Fornebu
("PRT, Metro, Light-rail or Bus to Fornebu"), June 6th 2000 at the House of Civil Engineers, Oslo
organised by the Senior Expert Group in the The Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers

PRT Simulation
(0,1 mb)
-  Speech given for Norsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center), April 2000

  Møteplass - Smart Oslo (18.3 mb)
- Speech given for the city planning conference Oslo 2020, Oct 16th 1999 in the LO Congress Centre
Article: The Business Belt - Meeting Place Smart Oslo

Sportaxi Fornebyen (0,1 mb)
- Speech given at Raddison Hotel Fornebu, June 22nd 1999
- for the presentation of the 1:10 Laser computed model of Norsk Sportaxi by Mayor Odd Reinsfelt
(illustrations were shown separately on overhead projector)

Some older media coverage

May 30th 2000 Aftenposten (Norway's largest serious newspaper) (morning issue, major article, last page):
"Wants PRT evaluated" (say the Mayor of Baerum and IT-Fornebu ): and

April 26th 2000 ComputerWorld Norway (scanned)
Interview with Larry Fabian, editor of Transit 21, and with Arno Mong Daastøl, co-ordinator of Norsk Sportaxi.

March 29th 2000 TV2 evening news (18.30 hours) repeated in the morning (07.00 hours), 

June 10th 1999
Aftenposten, morning issue note on first page and 3/4 of page 6
Vil få kollektivtrafikken til nye Fornebu på skinner (i.e. Wants public transport to new Fornebu on track):  

(same issue and page), Lyn Gordon og Disneyland (i.e. Lyn Gordon and Disneyland )

In addition there have been articles on PRT in
Asker og Bærum Budstikke, Østlandets Blad, Ilustrert Vitenskap
and reports and interviews in
TV Norge, ABTV - Asker og Bærum Television and radio NRK Østlandssendingen


Older material - from the SporTaxi project in Oslo :

Illustrations - Documents